CEX in the city

The Local Customer Experience Leadership Event

Amsterdam - 22 November 2012


Customer Experience is hot. Companies that get this right are dominating their markets. Curious how?
Experience CEX in the City!

Every company encounters challenges when it comes to delivering a consistent, branded customer experience. Companies which get this right have a significant competitive advantage, and their customers love them!

During the CEX in the City event, we will jump in and start doing what we've been talking about for so long. Now is the time to make the commitment to collaborate with your industry peers and take Customer Experience (CEX) to the next level.


CEX in the City is different. The CEX in the City team offers great industry speakers who will guide you through the day so you can design your own experience. We will work in both plenary sessions and breakouts.

Everyone can contribute and learn from peers in the marketplace. We will ensure to share results with the rest of the group so you can also learn from breakouts you did not attend. During speed dates and quickies you will get to know the other people invited better.

Come join us in a great inspiring location, enjoy this day, lunch, the music and let us surprise and inspire you! Ready to be inspired? Experience CEX in the City!

  • Date: 22 November 2012
  • Time: 09:00 to 19:00
  • Dress: Business casual
  • Location: Amsterdam, exact location provided with invitation

The below partners have contributed directly to the event. CEX in the City is a non-profit event, so this is truly a conference for Customer Experience leaders by Customer Experience leaders.

Our business partners

Our organisation partners

"The experience you deliver to your customers every day, through every transaction, direct and indirect, either builds value for your brand or destroys it."

Shaun Smith


Our ambition is to have CEX in the City with you!

The CEX in the City vision is to create a community of leaders that are willing to share their experiences regarding customer experience management and willing to mutually support each other on this exciting journey.

We aim to provide excellent content that triggers you intellectually by delivering great performers on the subject, to inspire our audience and their followers, and to activate the local customer experience professional industry.


CEX in the City is excited to welcome customer experience leaders from these organisations:

Aegon Bank, Allsecur, de Amersfoortse, ArboVitale, Axent, Bovemij, D&B Retail, Ditzo, Easytobook.com, Ebay, Effectory, Energiedirect.nl, Essent, Farmcamps, Friesland Bank, GX Software, HOW Company, Innofun, Kinetic, Knab, La Ser Nederland, LeasePlan, Malmberg, Meeus, NoGreyToday, Nuon, Philips, PostNL, Randstad, Robeco, Saxo Bank, SGDHZW, SNS Bank, St. GeldGedrag, Staples, T-Mobile, Transavia.com, Triodos Bank, UPC, WUA! and Ziggo.

"Sometimes you need to cause your customer to suffer some pain for the sake of an effective experience."

Kees Kerkvliet


CEX in the City is not to be missed if you need to know more about:

Who are the brands that are Boldly transforming their markets through innovative customer experiences?

What do they do to make their customer experience distinctive and different?

What are the three characteristics of BOLD brands?

What is a simple framework for introducing this into your company?

How you can truly profit and strengthen your brand by delivering great customer experiences?

Not just mapping customer journeys but also making them work, and remembered?

How do you put all of this into action?

Meeting Customer Experience leaders from other organisations?

Jan Willem Sanders

Digital Publishing Strategist

Jan-Willem Sanders is an independent conversion strategy manager within the media industry and has been involved in several ground-breaking projects, including the introduction of the first online pay wall on a Dutch news website: Het Financieele Dagblad. He has over a decade of experience in data collection and monetization and during a workshop case session will use his expertise to demonstrate how user data is enhancing user experience in the near future.

Bas Touw

Manager Online Capability

Within Nuon the Online Capability team is using CEM as a way of thinking to optimize service to customers. That did not require a Customer Experience Manager. Just a simple pragmatic vision on CEM that has led to good results. Do you want the short version of the CEM Vision and spend a lot of time on the implementation tips? Aspects covered during this workshop case are the way of working, taking decisions, new expectations of our employees, pitfalls we ran into, etc. Giving pragmatic insights that can be applied today in your own line of business

Marieke Snoep

Director of Customer Operations

Marieke Snoep is an experienced tactical and strategic manager in the fields of operations management, program and project management. She has gained her experience in both consultancy organizations and business management roles, and will engage you about the customer experience work happening within T-Mobile.

Mariƫlle de Wit

Manager Customer Services

Mariƫlle is an enthusiastic coach and manager with passion for customers. She is a true change manager and embraces challenges to achieve success. Marielle reaches her goals by connecting the right people and by coaching them into the right direction. Taking the appropriate decisions is part of this and a necessity to keep the progress going. She will share the customer experience journey underway at Energiedirect.nl.


Nicolette Wuring


The event is fully booked

We're thrilled to say that the event is fully booked! However, you can still be added to our waiting list if you want. If any of the registered participants cancels, his or her seat will be given to the next in line on that list. So if you want to be added to the waiting list, please use the form (all fields are required unless stated otherwise).

CEX in the City is an invitation only exclusive event, and is free for invited participants. Fifty of your peers are joining the event. We invite senior level executives active in Marketing, Customer Experience Management, General Management, Contact Center Management, e-Commerce, Social Media, Service Design.

CEX in the City will be held on 22 November 2012 in Amsterdam. The exact location is shared with the participants on their formal invitation.

Be inspired and take customer experience of your company to the next level!